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Last updated 2/22/2011

Warning! Nerd talk below...

I've upgraded my computer system so I figure that I might as well put it to good use rendering COOL IMAGES!

ASUS P6T Deluxe v2 motherboard, Intel I7-920 processor overclocked to 3.88Ghz, Quad-Core with Hyperthreading = 8 CORES!

12GB high quality Kingston DDR3-2000 memory overclocked. NB Frequency=3720 Mhz. Comparatively speaking,,,, IT KICKS ASS! (Speaking of which,, if you have not seen the movie Kick Ass DO SO! It is GREAT!! LOL!)




Jessica and Rob gave me a new negative and slide scanner for Christmas.

Here are some of Sues black and white pictures that I scanned in. Click on the image to view more.

Bass fishing was GREAT this year at Leech Lake


Congratulations Rob and Jessica Wood!!.

Click HERE to see all 1400 pictures!

Peanut Festival Weekend 2008

Greg was showing everybody his nuts all weekend!

Click HERE for pictures of 2008 Peanut Festival Weekend.

HERE is a link to the pictures that Sherri took at Cancun Weekend








Charles and Lorene came over and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with us.





Fishing on Leech Lake!

For those of you who do not know, my brother Kevin owns a resort on Leech Lake in northern Minnesota called Red Wing Lodge and is run by my sister Nancie and her husband Kyle. Linda, Pat and our kids spent Labor Day weekend up there. The fishing and weather were not at their best but all had a GREAT time! Click HERE to view pictures.


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